"7 Steps to SOLD"

The Secret to Selling Your Home in 60 Days or LESS 

We provide luxury level real estate services to all our listing clients...
Below is a breakdown of the services we offer in our signature system!
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    If there is one thing we've learned from flipping 25 houses over the last 13 years it's the power of decluttering and staging to sell a home...it is literally a game changer!!! This is a $1500-$3500 value and we do it for FREE! We offer several listing packages that include FREE staging to help you get your home SOLD!
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    Now that your home looks like the cover of a House & Home magazine, we need to capture the hearts and souls of your potential buyers. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. That's why we use High Definition Resolution photography and a 4K  lifestyle walkthrough video to help buyers "feel" and "experience" what it's like to be in your home. We want to attract your ideal buyer, get them to hooked, and help them feel an attachment to your home so they feel like they want to call your place home!
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    90% of buyers start looking for the perfect home on the internet...more importantly their mobile phone. With more then 90% of website traffic coming from a mobile device it's critical that your home lives on the internet in a mobile friendly space. That's where we come in...with a mobile 1st approach, we take your home and provide your buyers with the best possible experience. With a custom web address for your home, a mobile friendly single property website, and an easy to share link to put on social media, print media, along with a simple way to book showings...in today's competitive market a listing on MLS is just not enough! 
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    Social media is the fastest growing segment of the real estate world with over 2 billion people on Facebook, YouTube being the second biggest search engine, a growing demographic on Instagram, and Linkedin with millions of professionals...your home needs a place to shine in this space. Team leaders Dave & Steph are top level social media marketers. They use paid social media marketing to target, attract, and convert 1000's of leads into buyers each and every month. This has enabled them to drive 1000's of potential buyers to your custom website, created millions of video views, and fill open houses with buyers time and time again. Dave & Steph have studied and model many of the successful campaigns used by world elite social media experts and put their knowledge to work to sell your home!
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    Dave and Steph love print media to market a home and have years of photoshop experience to create amazing print material like custom feature sheets, just listed postcards, newspaper ads, and unique mail drops that convert to showings for your home. Lets face it...not everyone is internet savvy and to be honest print media is still a great way to attract potential buyers. 
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    We love open houses...many agents will tell you they are a waste of time. So why is it that we've sold so many homes to open house visitors. The best way to sell your home is to get people in it so they smell, see, and fell what it's like to be inside your home. To sit on the couch, to look into your back yard, to "to experience your home"! Trust us...it works! If your home is properly prepared, looks amazing, and is ready to view...putting potential buyers in your home will hit em in the heart strings!
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    Every year 225,000 people immigrate into Canada. 80,000 are coming to Ontario and the majority of them to Toronto...Do you think they need a place to live? Of course they do!! If you combine that with the affordability of Niagara we are seeing a huge trend of Toronto area home owners selling and moving to Niagara. Your home is located in one of the best places to live in Ontario and Niagara is still incredibly affordable for those looking to sell and move from Toronto or internationally and we know just how to attract them to your home and convert them into buyers.